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It is easy to Wash Silk at Home!!!

Try these tips for Sewing with Silk!!!

How to Dye a Silk Scarf Using Your Microwave on YouTube!

Wonderful step by step instructions for dying silk scarves using your microwave.

Roll-Hem Tips on YouTube!

Useful tips from Kayla Kennington regarding how to make a special rolled hem.

Raw Silk Price Hits 15 year High

This article has some great information regarding why the price of silk has increased so much in the past year.

Some Reasons Why Silk Prices Are Increasing

This article highlights more important reasons for the current increase in silk prices.

Silk Price Soars as Farmland Shrinks

This Financial Times article discusses the effect of shrinking farmland in China on raw silk prices. You need to be a registered user of to view this link.


New awesome video of some of our customers!!


Check out this very cool video of some of our customers!!


Notes from Mary Carter, Buyer for Exotic Silks, Regarding the Increase in Silk Prices

Currently, our sources predict that even with the new cocoon crop in Spring we may not realize a significant decline in prices. Energy costs have risen astronomically, as have labor costs. Workers have many other employment options, and fewer choose to work in silk factories. This is going to continue to be a problem with scarf hand hemming in particular. No one wants to do it, particularly young people who can find more lucrative employment elsewhere. Another important factor is the exchange rate, which has changed drastically over the past few years. For these reasons, we will move aggressively with purchasing in order to provide the lowest possible prices for our customers.


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